Epilepsy and Erectile Dysfunction

Epilepsy is an umbrella term for several types of seizures with a variety of reasons. If you have had repeated seizures that are not provoked by a temporary external influences, you will probably be diagnosed with epilepsy .

Epilepsy develops due to certain brain cells that are overactive, which can provide various types of seizures. Severe seizures affect the whole brain, while others affect only a very limited part of the brain and are barely noticeable.

Many people get only a few attacks throughout their lives, while others may have severe seizures every day. About a half of epileptics can be cured. read more about buy viagra online at viagraonlinepharmacy.com.au cheap here.

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Injuries and illnesses affecting the brain can cause epilepsy. It can be congenital diseases, such as head injuries and brain tumors, which cause it. If you have had a history of stroke, it may also shift the balance of nerve cells and provide epilepsy. Many people have epilepsy but that there is no obvious underlying injury or illness.

The risk of epilepsy is highest during the first year of life and after age 70. For children it is often due to congenital disease or injury. Stroke and dementia are common causes in the elderly.

If you receive a single epileptic seizure, this does not necessarily mean that you have epilepsy, but you should still seek for investigation.

Erectile Dysfunction

Untreated epilepsy may be a cause of sexual dysfunction in males. Such psychological disorders as depression and stress may contribute too.

Certain prescription medications, used for epilepsy treatment, such as carbamazepine and phenytoin, can decrease the testosterone levels in male patients. Low testosterone levels (called hypogonadism) diminish sexual drive (libido) in men. In long term, this leads to Erectile Dysfunction, or inability to reach or maintain erection hard enough for a sexual intercourse.

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If you suspect Erectile Dysfunction due to intake of a certain anti-epilepsy drug, you should contact your doctor to ask to replace the drug with the one that does not have Erectile Dysfunction as a side effect.

Oral drugs, like viagraonline-australia.com.au Cialis or Levitra used for ED treatment may help you with restoring a normal sexual function.

Hope you found this article interesting and useful. Stay healthy!

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